Insurance building

We have over 20 years of experience providing Insurance building and repair services to Australia's leading insurance companies nationally. Our teams are highly trained, experienced professionals with a proven track record for successful projects delivered on time and within budget.

We know all about the needs of our customers: what they need when it matters most is peace-of-mind that everything will be under control as soon as possible in the event of an emergency or disaster.

24/7 emergency make safe

QAT offers 24/7 emergency response providing make safe teams to customers and clients throughout Queensland and the NSW Northern Rivers when disaster strikes. We aim to make your property safe and free from further damage as quickly as possible after our services are rendered.

Complex claims

The claims process can be a confusing and complicated ordeal. It does not matter how straight forward your claim might seem, there is always the chance that it will become complex. QAT have the experience and knowledge to assist our clients and customers in any complex situation.

Large loss

Our experienced large loss team will put the time and effort required into each large loss claim to ensure that each customer is back in their homes in a reasonable time and within budget. Our clients and customers will be kept updated every step of the way as we understand that the loss of your home and contents can be one of the most traumatic experiences of a lifetime.


Catastrophe response

With many years of experience, QAT has consistently delivered comprehensive service to policy holders across a vast range of catastrophe and major event scenarios. Our pre-emptive, forward planning business model allows for immediate mobilization during catastrophes and major events. We give peace of mind to policy holders when they need it most - giving you the best emergency assistance possible in any scenario.






A representative from QAT will inspect the damage and gather details for estimates and reports for your insurer, potentially requiring information about the property and the cause of damage. The inspector will then create a detailed Scope of Works, forming the basis of the quotation for approval if your claim is accepted.


After completing the necessary reports, scope of works, and quotation, we will submit them to your insurance company for approval. Subsequently, we will await written instructions from your insurance company, though we may also inform you if your claim is accepted on behalf of the insurer.


Upon receiving approval to proceed with repairs, you will need to sign the Scope of Works and Building Contract. These signed documents are essential for your warranty documentation, and any applicable excess must be paid before work commences. On occasion, maintenance repairs are required to be completed before repairs can commence.


A dedicated Supervisor will be assigned to your claim and commence the scheduling of skilled tradespeople. The Supervisor will contact you directly to confirm a start time, and our team will closely monitor the progress to ensure efficient and exceptional service for you, and your insurance company.


At the completion of your repairs, you will be contacted by our office to confirm that all the repairs listed on the signed Scope of Works have been completed and that you are happy with the final result. You will be asked to complete our Completion Certificate which will be forwarded to your insurer with our final invoice. You may also be asked to answer a few quick questions to assist us in monitoring our internal performance.

The QAT Difference

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