Meet the Team

QAT Management Team

Kristy Clinton

Managing Director

Kristy Clinton founded QAT with her father Bruce Turner in 1999. Their goal was to create a flexible and dynamic workplace, that would be a more than just a place of business. Today the QAT team consists of over 35 energetic and passionate staff, who are a true testament to the culture and vision of the founding Directors.

Acute attention to detail, a high level of construction knowledge and proficient service delivery are key traits Kristy looks to foster and develop within our team. Her personal approach to claim management has seen her become the first point of call for our clients when they are faced with complex and sensitive claims. Kristy Is actively involved in the day to day operations of the business and can often be found onsite meeting our customers, ensuring they receive the very best service in the industry.

Assuming the daily responsibility for the finance, compliance and business improvement sectors of the company, with the support of her management team, Kristy ensures that QAT exceeds the industry’s best practice for contractor management and service delivery.

Through innovation, Kristy has been able to expand a humble family business into a proactive professional organisation, which is able and ready to assist our customers in their moment of need.

In 2019, Kristy was a finalist in the Women in Construction category of the Master Builder Awards. This nomination was in recognition of the outstanding performance, and quality building outcomes achieved for the Townsville community following the flood event.

The first hand experience of her family home being devastated by a major fire has granted Kristy a unique perspective and a genuine empathetic bond with our customers, as she understands the difficulties they frequently encounter in the aftermath of a claimable event.

“I have always endeavoured to live life and practice business with compassion, empathy and respect for others. This week I have developed a new level of understanding of what many of my customers go through.
Even with everything fully insured, amazing support from loss adjusters, friends and family; the impacts experienced following a large loss are significant. I’ve always openly professed that I chose this career because I love to help people in their time of genuine need… and now, this sentiment holds truer than ever before.” – Kristy

Claire Suttie

General Manager

Claire Suttie is our highly experienced General Manager and oversees all operations at QAT. With over 20 years experience in residential property and management, Claire possesses a diverse skill set that enables her to lead teams, develop and implement strategies, and drive business growth. Her extensive experience has equipped her with the ability to build and maintain strong client relationships, analyse feedback and performance metrics, and identify new business opportunities.

In addition, Claire’s unwavering commitment to customer service and results-oriented mindset, combined with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, make her an invaluable asset to our organisation.

Having lived in Queensland for over 25 years, Claire is well tuned to the vast array of events that mother nature can throw at us. This assists her to lead the team with empathy towards our customers who are experiencing devastating circumstances.

Andrew Waterman

Construction Manager

Originally starting as an internal Carpenter, Andrew seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic world of the QAT team back in 2011. His unwavering dedication to precision and pursuit of professional growth propelled him from a site-based role to a position of management. After completing his Certificate IV in construction and later a low-rise building license, Andrew’s exemplary leadership qualities earned him a promotion to the role of Construction Manager.

As the Construction Manager, Andrew’s primary mission is to spearhead and inspire our construction team. Through his astute guidance of our Building Supervisors and in-house Carpenters, Andrew has played a pivotal role in establishing QAT as one of the most reputable names in the industry. With a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience under his belt, Andrew has assisted to shape the trust and reputation we have built in the industry.

Andrew is responsible for the ensuring the delivery of impeccable safety standards, unmatched quality, and unparalleled customer service across all our projects. These core principles lay the foundation for our thriving business and Andrew’s expertise forms an integral part of this achievement.

Robert Wallace

Estimating Manager

Robert Wallace joined QAT in 2020, leveraging his carpentry background and insurance industry experience. Starting as an Estimator, he quickly ascended to the role of Estimating Manager, thanks to his exceptional knowledge, experience, and leadership skills.

As our Estimating Manager, Robert oversees our reports and estimating team, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in our project assessments. His expertise and industry understanding have solidified QAT’s reputation as a Tier 1 Insurance Builder. Robert’s adeptness in handling complex projects and providing effective leadership has assisted in his progression within our organisation.

In his role, Robert plays a pivotal part in policy decision-making based on clients’ needs and expectations. By aligning our practices with clients’ Product Disclosure Statements (PDS), he ensures seamless collaboration and client satisfaction.


Amy Green

Administration Manager

Amy’s role includes leading and supporting our team of administrators, working collaboratively to ensure the smooth functioning of various administrative operations within the company.

As the Administration Manager, Amy serves as the main point of contact for the Management Team. She plays a pivotal role in all aspects of the business, from overseeing day-to-day administrative tasks to actively contributing to long-term business development goals. Her responsibilities encompass scheduling and managing meetings, events, training, and special projects, ensuring that all activities are co-ordinated efficiently.

Amy’s experience at QAT has exposed her to several catastrophic events, from which she has gained valuable insights. These experiences have emphasised the importance of effective communication and teamwork in achieving the best outcomes for clients. Amy understands the significance of these elements and strives to foster a culture that values collaboration and cooperation within the organisation.

Krissy Reid

People & Culture Manager

Krissy is a dedicated and passionate human resources professional who plays a vital role in our team. Focusing on the importance of a positive employee experience and her expertise in various HR disciplines, Krissy plays a key role in shaping the overall culture of our organisation. Through her compassionate approach and strategic mindset, she creates an inclusive and supportive work environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Krissy’s main goal is to create a positive employee experience by ensuring that everyone feels valued and respected. She firmly believes that when employees are treated well, our company can reach its true potential. To achieve this, Krissy uses her knowledge to develop strategies that align with our organisation’s values and goals. She possesses exceptional skills in employee engagement, talent acquisition, performance management, and professional development, which greatly benefits our team. 

Krissy understands the importance of attracting and retaining talented individuals and takes pride in helping them reach their full potential.

Ann Byron

Master of Finances

Ann Byron is the financial mastermind behind QAT. With her expertise and commitment to excellence, she holds the role of our esteemed Master of Finances.

Ann’s journey with QAT commenced in 2008 and has been marked by her exceptional financial acumen and dedication to ensuring our financial operations run smoothly. Joining our team with a wealth of experience in the financial sector, Ann quickly established herself as an invaluable asset.

As the Master of Finances, Ann oversees all financial aspects of our organisation, managing budgets, cash flow, and financial planning. Her keen eye for detail and strategic thinking ensure that our financial decisions are sound and aligned with our long-term goals.

Ann’s responsibilities extend beyond day-to-day financial management. She collaborates closely with our leadership team, providing insightful analysis and recommendations to support key business initiatives. Her expertise helps drive informed decision-making and promotes financial stability across the organisation.

Mitch Fry

Operations Manager
North QLD Regional Manager

Meet Mitch Fry, our accomplished Mackay and Whitsundays Regional Manager, who brings a versatile skill set to his role. With expertise in claim management, Mitch plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless operations and driving innovation in the region.

Mitch excels in overseeing and coordinating various aspects of our operations. His extensive knowledge in claim management allows him to navigate complex projects with ease, ensuring efficient and successful outcomes.

In addition to his primary responsibilities, Mitch brings added value through his software development skills. He actively contributes to the development and enhancement of our claim management software, leveraging his technical proficiency to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Mitch’s proficiency in reporting is another valuable asset he brings to QAT. His approach to data analysis and reporting enables us to gain valuable insights into project progress and make informed decisions. This ensures effective communication with our clients and stakeholders.

Mitch’s versatility and adaptability make him an asset to our company. His expertise in claim management, coupled with his software development and reporting skills, enable him to drive innovation and excellence in our operations.


Jason Dawson

Building Supervisor

Darian Katsadoros

Building Supervisor

Dane Schuurman

Building Supervisor

Darren Fryer

Building Estimator

Corey Clark

Building Estimator/Supervisor

Carissa Hudson

Work in Progress - Team Leader

Jayme Bishop

Work in Progress Coordinator

Shane King

Sunshine Coast Estimator/Supervisor

Ashleigh Ockenfels

Work in Progress Coordinator

Louise McGuire

Work in Progress Coordinator

Courtney Byrne

Work in Progress Coordinator

John Pappalardo